Financial Services Expert, Perminder Chohan Provides Results of Sanofi Canada Group Insurance Survey.

Inspiring, award-winning business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Choban reveals the chronically underestimated effects of chronic illness as the number one issue that came to light in the annual Sanofi Canada survey.

RICHMOND, VANCOUVER BC– August 26, 2015– Award-winning and inspiring business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Chohan has posted a new article on the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network website entitled, “Chronic Health Conditions Revealed As Chronically Underestimated by Employers.Knowledge is power and the Sanofi Canada survey is a powerful tool anticipated by everyone involved in any aspect of group healthcare coverage.

As Mr. Chohan writes, “From some of the smallest businesses all the way to the largest corporations employer-sponsored healthcare benefit plans are legally required.” He continues adding, “For nearly two decades, Sanofi Canada has conducted an annual survey to discover how satisfied Canadian employees are with their employer-sponsored health plans. “

Not only does the plan hear from employees, as Mr. Chohan points out, “In addition, the survey gets to hear from the employers offering the plans. Many people anticipate the results of the survey, particularly insurers, benefits advisors and plan administrators. The survey helps with valuable information that can be used to make adjustments to healthcare plans based on market trends.”

Chohan states, “As a provider of group health plans, Desjardin Financial Security is keenly interested in helping our clients get the best coverage possible and stay on top of the trends and information that can help them help their employees.” He also reveals, “And, as one of the main sponsors of the survey, our sister organization, Desjardins Insurance is proud to partner with Sanofi, a major player whose industry-recognized surveys help employers develop effective health benefit plans.”

“According to the survey,” as Chohan shares, “one of the most important points that came to light this year is that employers underestimate how much of their workforce suffers from chronic health conditions. Employers estimate that 26% of their employees have a chronic condition, whereas in reality, 56% of plan members have received this kind of diagnosis.”

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About Perminder Chohan

Mr. Chohan started his career in the financial services industry when he joined a Registered Education Savings Plan company in 1998. In six short months, he became their number one agent nationally. In 2003, Mr. Chohan expanded his career spectrum and started in the life insurance industry. Since then he has been instructional to over 200 agents in their career training and development. In 2009, Mr. Chohan joined Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network as a managing director. His office has since proliferated with great business success.

Under Mr. Chohan’s leadership, the financial centre received multiple top awards from the network in categories such as recruiting, business growth and total sales for a centre with less than 50 associates. As of beginning of the fall this year, Mr. Cohan’s team once again leads in sales, recruiting and growth.

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