Financial Services Expert, Perminder Chohan Tells How to Select a Financial Service Representative.

Inspiring, award-winning business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Choban establishes that it’s never too early or too late to establish a good relationship with an exceptional financial service representative and elaborates on what to look for when selecting one.

 RICHMOND, VANCOUVER BC– June 15, 2015 – Award-winning and inspiring business leader and financial services expert, Perminder Chohan has posted a new blog on the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network website entitled, “Selecting A Financial Services Representative.” When it’s time to select a financial service representative, Mr. Chohan’s guide will be very useful.

As Chohan points out, “It hardly matters what stage of life you are in when you decide to seek the services of a financial service representative. What matters is finding one you trust.” He adds, “The financial objectives may be different depending on your age, however the quality of integrity is valuable at every age and life stage.”

Focusing on those why begin young, Chohan writes, “The earlier you begin looking to develop a relationship with a financial service representative may indicate that you take your financial future seriously.” On the other hand, knowing wealth can be accumulated in many ways, Chohan states, “Or perhaps you’ve amassed a small or large fortune and are simply shopping around for a new financial representative who may be able to help you eliminate fees and make your financial base more stable.”

According to Chohan, “…having a relationship with a financial advisor who has your best interests at heart can make a world of difference.” Preparing to point the way, Chohan adds, “Knowing the primary qualities to look for when interviewing potential financial representatives can guide you to someone who may be able to serve you for a lifetime.”

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About Perminder Chohan

Mr. Chohan started his career in the financial services industry when he joined a Registered Education Savings Plan company in 1998. In six short months, he became their number one agent nationally. In 2003, Mr. Chohan expanded his career spectrum and started in the life insurance industry. Since then he has been instructional to over 200 agents in their career training and development. In 2009, Mr. Chohan joined Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network as a managing director. His office has since proliferated with great business success.

Under Mr. Chohan’s leadership, the financial centre received multiple top awards from the network in categories such as recruiting, business growth and total sales for a centre with less than 50 associates. As of beginning of the fall this year, Mr. Cohan’s team once again leads in sales, recruiting and growth.

About Desjardin Financial Services

 Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network with its Quebec counterpart, SFL Partner of Desjardins Financial Security, is a national financial products and services distribution network. All together, the network has over 40 financial centres and more than 1500 independent representatives across Canada.

At Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, every associate is an independent representative in partnership with the network. This means that our financial services advisors are not limited to a single line of products, and we’re not tied to a specific investment management company or insurance provider. We look at our clients’ individual needs and guide them in choosing the services and products that are right for them.