The Greatest Attribute of a Financial Representative: The Ability to Listen.

When you decide it’s time to hire a financial representative, you may start by asking friends and relatives for references. Then you set up a few meetings to interview those representatives of greatest interest to you. I would like to provide a brief guide that may help in your search for a financial representative that can help you throughout your career and your life.

For starters, think about this quote from Epictetus, “We’ve been given two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.” I advise you to pay attention to how much the representative you are interviewing talks and how much time they spend listening. Those who talk more than they listen are most likely making an effort to sell specific products instead of truly finding out about your specific needs.

Listening is truly the greatest asset you can look for in a financial representative. Hopefully you are looking for someone who will help you plan your financial future and guide you along the way. At Desjardin Financial Investment Services we train our representatives to ask prospective clients many questions and listen closely to the answers. We keep asking until the client’s needs and desires are fully clarified. We are solution providers and we always give honest advice.

No matter what type of service you are seeking think long-term and think about the kind of relationship you want to develop with the person who you select to advise you in your financial affairs. Ask yourself if the person you are interviewing is someone you could see attending your child’s wedding? Is it someone you trust enough to become a close family friend? And, make sure the financial representative you choose to work with has the ability to clarify complicated financial products and has the ability to provide a wide range of products, not just from one provider.

Finding the most trusted financial representative with access to a wide range of services and continued training could quite possibly be the most important decision you’ll make to determine your solid financial future.